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Mad Quickies: Brionne Blowup, Vein Decanters, Felted Love, Halloween Makeup Tutorial and More!

Well lookee here- whadya’ know- it’s Friday! We made it barely scathed at all. Let’s enjoy this celebratory moment with some happy Quickies. Shall we?

Artist Etienne Meneau creates hand-blown glass decanters that mimic blood veins and root systems. He calls this series Strange Carafes.

Knowledge is Beautiful is a gorgeous infographic compendium by David McCandless of Information is Beautiful.

Ukrainian artist Hanna Dovhan creates the most adorable felted wool sculptures. Find Dovhan’s work at herEtsy shop.

Seasonal baking alert: Crafter and cake decorator Jennifer Wold of Clever Wren Cakes & Sweets shows how to Make Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies for Halloween.

I think we can agree that pop-ads are a nuisance but they’re hellacious for the blind. Via Emily

Some people are losing their shit because they think Brionne, the new starter Pokémon, looks feminine. Via Courtney

New Hampshire Art Notes: AVA Show Pairs Art and Science, featuring the work of Rob Kesseler, a photographer and glass worker, and Gar Waterman, a sculptor.

Retail find I: Designer Misha Gazel has a collection called “Interstellar”: space-themed accessories like purses and brooches.

Retail find II: AT-AT Bookcase And TIE Fighter Storage – for real and not inexpensive but the holidays are on the horizon.


Desi Perkins does an awesome Halloween makeup tutorial

More information at the the Squid.

from the page

Halloween is here!!! I’ve noticed every year I do a skull and I thought for sure this year I wouldn’t but look where we are. I figured I teach you how to keep your makeup on all day year round so today let’s do the opposite and have our faces melt off. Enjoy!


Featured image: Cookies by Jennifer Wold.



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