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Mad Quickies: Boat Puzzle, Filthy FemCorps, Transit Maps, Maker Musings, Pearl Skulls and More!

Good day, my geeksters! As you begin your work week, let me make your re-entry as smooth as possible. I’ve got some fun links and even a physics puzzle courtesy of Physics Girl. So grab your favorite tasty beverage and let’s get this thing started. Onward!

Goodnight, Bill Cunningham, and thanks for your keen eye, good taste and sartorial wit. You were one of a kind.

In which the Bad Astronomer features a brain teaser by Physics Girl and talks about the reasoning involved. I’ve included the video below as well.

Game of Thrones fans: The chessboard is reset. Relive what was one of the most satisfying season finales ever. Game of Thrones 6.10 – The Winds of Winter recap by Laura Stone.

The Chinese lipstick brand Kailijumei dazzles with real flowers suspended inside. Via Amy

Misty is an artist. She wrote this: “Make Something Every Day” and it’s an inspiring and beautifully personal essay. I think you’ll love this. Via Emily.

Amy said, “All the clip art you never wanted.” And it seems logical but it’s good advice. “A gunman opens fire in your building. What do you do?”

“I Have a Proposal: Beyoncé as Dazzler” Via Courtney

I present to you Seattle’s only all-female street band: the Filthy FemCorps. Sparkles and saxophones: All-female street marching band empowers through music . The video included was far too short. Via Amy

This is some of the finest upcycling I’ve seen. 133 washing machine drums were transformed into street lamps.

Artist Shinji Nakaba creates tiny treasure from precious and common materials alike. He makes his “wearable sculptures” by carving pearls into skull jewelry and other anatomical forms. Not on Etsy, this is Nakaba’s online shop.

Illustrator Zhivko Terziivanov 3-D renders some kooky anatomy vessels.

I’m a sucker for maps of all kinds and I think you might be too. This is a great little piece. A Wonderful Archive of Historic Transit Maps: Expressive Art Meets Precise Graphic Design and it features Cameron Booth’s site Transit Maps which is fantastic!


Physics Girl invites you to solve the boat puzzle.

Found at Mental Floss.

from the page

You throw a rock in water from your boat. Can you figure out what happens to the water level?


Noah Tavlin explains…

What makes something “Kafkaesque”?

from the page
The term Kafkaesque has entered the vernacular to describe unnecessarily complicated and frustrating experiences, especially with bureaucracy. But does standing in a long line to fill out confusing paperwork really capture the richness of Kafka’s vision? Beyond the word’s casual use, what makes something “Kafkaesque”? Noah Tavlin explains.


Featured image is an excerpt of a “Wonders of New York” by Nils Hansell, c. 1953-1955.



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