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Mad Quickies: Blind Side, Small World, Animated Book Covers, Smart Business Cards and More!

You guys, right now I’m at a press check at an undisclosed location. That means that I’m looking at my project’s forms as they come off a massive Heidelberg and make sure the color is on target and that no one has covertly airbrushed mating rhinos into any of the photographs. Between checks, I’m doing constructive things like stealing coffee creamer from other customer lounges, [One has a pool table. What the what?] and finishing these neato Quickies for you. So before I get nabbed for inter-office larceny, here are some sweet links. Onward!

Australian Ralph Grimm’s Eye of a Honeybee won first place in “Small World”, Nikon’s annual microphotography competition. Check out the gallery of 2015 winners. – via Chris T.

The French creative studio DOWiNO designed a video game with no graphics! It’s their new mobile game called “A Blind Side” whose world is baed solely on sound. [Trailer included.]

Artist Henning M. Lederer collects vintage books and animates the retro covers with completely mesmerizing results! Video included in link and below.

MOTHERBOARD interviews CERN physicist James Beacham on why noise bands are playing at the European Organization for Nuclear Research. – via FossilFishy

Honestly, this is something I have been waiting for! How Moo Is Redesigning Business Cards For The Digital Age.

Enjoy the creativity involved in 10 of the Geekiest Weddings in the Universe. – via Critical Dragon

And for the gothiest night ever, rent an Airbnb with 6 million skeletons in its closet.

Excellent essay from Verónica Bayetti Flores. Why doll make-unders make me uncomfortable. – via Courtney

Now I’m worried about the Chilean geoglyphs. They’re at one of 10 Vital Cultural Sites That Might Vanish.

“Recovering Twihard” Katie Barnes writes: The Gender-Swapped Twilight Proves How Sexist the Original Is. – via Courtney

Glenwood School’s 75th anniversary art show combined science, technology, engineering, art and math. Students had to sketch out their designs for clocks powered by alternative energy sources.



from the page

Covers – A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics

Animation: Henning M. Lederer /
Music: Jörg Stierle /

Julian Montague Project /
Book Worship /


Featured image is an excerpt from Ralph Grimm’s Eye of a Honeybee.



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