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Mad Quickies: Blackstar Art, Alt History Paintings, Tinysaurs and More!

Good day, mates! Today we celebrate the birthday of our Commander-in-Chief, Amy Davis Roth! Go buy yourself a gift in her honor. As for the Quickies- that’s just a gift I’m giving you, too. Onward!

Dear David Bowie fans: Jonathan Barnbrook’s “Blackstar” art is released for free. Via Courtney

If you are in or near Albuquerque, this sound super-fun for kids and adults. Science in the Sky returns to Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum for eight sessions.

This Valentine’s Day, send a Chemistry card. Nicely concocted by Nick Uhlig, Canadian chemist and budding cartoonist. Via Courtney

Masterful work of alternative history paintings at The Art of Mr. Werewolf by Jakub Rozalski. Via Critical Dragon

In transportation design news: Check out how NYC Is Subtly Redesigning The Subway Car For City Dwellers Of 2050.

“There is absolutely no sex in space.” is only one of the 23 Facts That Challenge Your Beliefs About Outer Space. Via Critical Dragon

OMIGOD YOU GUYZ – Water transfer printing! Divers upside down under ice! The human loop and centrifugal magic! 15 Mesmerizing Science GIFs, Explained.

DIY find: Tiny Dinosaur Skeleton Paper Sculpture Kits or “Tinysaurs” by Herbert Hoover.


Talking Pictures | The Blue Lava of Indonesia

from the page

Photographer and filmmaker Reuben Wu narrates a selection of his images documenting the amazing blue ‘lava” that flows across the sulfurous landscape of Kawah Ijen Crater on Java, Indonesia. See more at



Featured image is an excerpt from the All Ages Coloring Art Print Radiolaria Fossil Design 11×17 Poster Art by Surly Amy, comes with free markers.



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