Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Beach Waste Art, Bacterial Starry Night, Power of Scars, Bosch Buzz and More!

You guys- it’s a brand new week! I think we need to pace ourselves and take a little coffee break right now and check out what other earthlings have been up to the last few days. Onward!

Thanks to the Washed Ashore Project, artists are raising awareness of pollution by making sculptures entirely out of beach waste. More images here.

A small Dutch museum achieved the impossible with new Hieronymus Bosch show. They have secured 20 of 25 surviving panels by ‘the devil’s painter’. – via Brain G.

A behind-the-scenes look at cosplay photoshoots in progress. – via Chris T.

From wine enthusiast Laura Burgess: The Mad Science Of Home Winemaking. – via Julie M.

Microbiologist Melanie Sullivan submitted her recreation of ‘Starry Night’ with bacteria in a petri dish to the American Society for Microbiology’s first Agar Art contest. – via Smashley

Photographer Rick McCor has a decided streak of whimsy… he adds a twist to his travel photos with paper cutouts.

Beautiful composition, gorgeous execution and damn droll. Auto Mechanics Recreate Renaissance Paintings. – via Josh Meyer

Instagram find: Science videos at science.ig

And now for you WTF moment of the day: A 16th Century Pope Buried His Pet Elephant Under the Vatican. – found via Jennifer Ouellette


From design studio Totuma

For Breast Cancer Awareness: The Power Of Scars

More information here.


Featured image is by the Washed Ashore Project.



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