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Mad Quickies: Bataclan Graphic Novel, Radical Posters, Super Fun Spectacles, Demogorgon Pie and More!

Happy Monday, Earthlings, I’ve got some lovely links to share with you! Let’s get to it.

Medical illustrator Fred Dewilde was at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris when ISIS killed 89 people. He is a survivor and now he’s turned his ordeal into graphic novel. “A foot in the Bataclan”.

Snapchat Spectacles are here and they are ridiculously fun. Via Amy

David Bowie Art and Furniture Auction Raises $30 Million First Day. [Video included: Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away.”] Via Courtney

Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis creates stunning dresses from everyday objects. Totes charming! I want the burnt matchstick dress. Via Geo

The Revolution Has Been Digitized: Explore the Oldest Archive of Radical Posters. “The Joseph A. Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan Library announced this month that its posters on anarchism, civil liberties, feminism, labor, and other political movements are online for the first time.” Via Chloë

“Westworld” Recap: Death Wish by Laura Hudson is actually episode 6, 7 being the most recent. But Hudson’s take on Maeve and the themes being tackled are provocative so I thought you’d like to see this.

Contemporary art can be harder to restore than Old Masters is one fo the 15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Art Restorers. Some interesting info!

The timeless beauty of Ancient Trees Against Starry Skies. If you need a fix of gorgeous nature right now, this is it. And, you can buy [the ironically named] photographer Beth Moon’s book “Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees” here.

Retail Reminder: Did you know that the erstwhile Commander of the ISS, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has three fantastic books.


“Eat the pie, or be eaten by the pie.”

Netflix Kitchen presents: Demogorgon Pie

Via Critical Dragon

The recipe is at the youtube site.


Featured image is by Beth Moon.



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