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Mad Quickies: Bacterial Art, Crayon Initiative, GIF Fiction, 8Bit Doc, Gymnastic Cycling and More!

If you live in the States, then HAPPY LABOR DAY, all y’all. If not, then HAPPY MONDAY! One thing that’s universal, though, these Quickies are for each and every one of you. Onward!

Every year, up to 75,000 pounds of crayons get thrown away by restaurants and schools. Bryan Ware, an inventive dad from San Fran, found a brilliant way to reuse them. This is the Crayon Initiative, where you can do more than “like” it, you can donate. {via Courtney}

Artist Jordan Clayton creates work where he “explores microspoce imagery”, in fact, the microbiology available from his own body.

On seeking a more creative life… We’re All Artists Now. {via Surly Amy}

I love this more than I can explain. The rich and colorful civilian life of Eric, the Star Wars Stormtrooper. “After escaping the exploding Death Star, the Stormtrooper who used to be a bottle-washer at Death Star Canteen is adjusting well to life on Earth.” You can thank photographer Darryl Jones for documenting Eric’s daily challenges on Instagram and Facebook. {ht/ Jennifer Oullette}

An eloquent – and entirely data-based – explanation of stereotype threat by Michelle G., who is 18 and clearly amazing. {via Elizabeth F.}

This is a documentary I’d love to see. 8Bit Generation features over 60 interviews with the pioneers of the personal computer revolution. Although they’ve achieved their Kickstarter goal, I’m including this because there is an enormous amount of fascinating information here.

I’m fascinated by this 62-year-old artist’s mind. Dennis Cooper turns GIFs into fiction. This is Cooper’s site. If you’re in, you’re in for some time. MIght want to bookmark this.

Instagram find: Art & Science Journal which is really a companion to their publication site .

Although we featured the Dear Data project before, it’s worth revisiting this fantastic endeavor months later. At Doodlers Anonymous: An Analog Drawing Project About Personal Data.

The somewhat obligatory BB8 Toy video. A few minutes of solid explanation and, well, cuteness.

Here’s some amusing quirkiness: Game of Thrones drawn as Bob’s Burgers. I have no idea if this is spoilery in any way for you.

Just for the hell of it because I liked this: Werner Herzog Inspirationals. {via the Good Bad Librarian}


I’m going to go have some ice cream while you watch the unbelievably graceful athleticism involved in gymnastic cycling…

Nicole Frýbortová performs at the 2015 EMS Cup.


Featured image is Eric the stormtrooper created by Darryl Jones.



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