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Mad Quickies: Auto Doodles, Aerial Bold [heh], Sincerity Machine and more!


You guys, just squeaking in under the wire, I’ve got yer Monday Quickies for you. So grab some cookies and milk if you’re EDT; if you’re GMT, then you likely won’t see this until sunup; and if you’re in Oz, well, sorry I cannot do that time math right now but I think you’ll be reading this in the future. Or something. Here we go…


Thanks to my buddy @treelobsters, I now know this item exists.

Sincerity Machine: The Comic Sans typewriter

from the page

Sincerity Machine is a typewriter that I have altered to write in the Comic Sans typeface. This is a short video document of its operation, with some narration about the origins and functions. You can read more about how it was made at


Featured image is by Yang Liu.


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