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Mad Quickies: Astro Cosplay, Skytrail Studies, Neuroscience of Harry Potter, Wire Animals & More!


You guys, I am thisclose to starting a bonfire in my studio. It’s like eleventy hundred degrees below zero. Not really. But here’s something interesting: I’m in Pennsylvania and my friends are visiting Copenhagen and it’s TWENTY DEGREES WARMER there. However, a month ago they lived in Arizona so the weather math becomes an algebra problem right about here. Where was I? Oh right- The Quickies! Lace up and smooth skating!


One of Dennis Hlynsky’s bird flight path videos:

Seagulls in Wildwood


This looks SO appealing right now. And these little guys are truly adorable.

Capybaras get a warm citrus spa treatment

Found here: Read more about Capybaras treating themselves to a relaxing spa day at a hot springs in Japan.


Featured image is from the photos series “What do you hide?” by Argentinian photographer Romina Ressia.


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