Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Art v Science Thinking, Tiny Furniture, Star Wars Mysteries, Sound Explosions and More!

Happy Monday, people. You look fantastic! I hope your week is stellar. Let’s start it off with some blingy links. Onward!

What does sound look like? Martin Klimas attempts to show us in his “Sound Explosions” series.

Found at Startorialist: Galaxy hair by Pierre Jean-Louis, pierre_artista on instagram.

Tiny woodworking slideshow by miniaturist William Robertson. Via Charles

“What was up with every single being in the Mos Eisley Cantina?” is one of 8 Star Wars Mysteries That Were Better Left Unsolved.

Convergent and divergent thinking and a great article explores the question Does Evidence Support the Artistic vs. Scientific Mind Stereotype?. Via Amy

Stay current and enjoy the commentary on “Game of Thrones” recaps by Laura Stone.

Ms Marvel – And A Test Case For Child Pornography? Via Courtney


Featured image is an excerpt of an image by Pierre Jean-Louis.



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