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Mad Quickies: Art Under Authoritarian Attack, X-Files for Kids, Celia’s Show, Vantablack, Synesthesia Art and More!

Well what do you know, it’s Friday, my friends. Time flies when there are fifteen political outrages every day. Let’s take a moment of self-care and bask in the warmth of these remarkable stories. Grab an umbrella drink and let’s go!

Artist Melissa McCracken has the condition synesthesia. She experiences sounds as colors and makes music paintings of popular songs.

You guyz! Mad Art Lab’s Celia was in an art show!

Dr. Muhammad Yousef Asefi is a physician-artist who saved paintings from the Taliban.

Canadian illustrator Kim Smith has created “The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird”.

“Artists play an important role in challenging authoritarianism, and authoritarians know it.” Eve L. Ewing writes: Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts.

“Art creates pathways for subversion, for political understanding and solidarity among coalition builders. Art teaches us that lives other than our own have value. Like the proverbial court jester who can openly mock the king in his own court, artists who occupy marginalized social positions can use their art to challenge structures of power in ways that would otherwise be dangerous or impossible.” —Eve L. Ewing

Watch how a beloved spacecraft will die in Saturn’s atmosphere: Cassini’s Grand Finale.

Culture Report: San Diego’s Art and Science Scenes Are Starting to Collaborate.

The world’s blackest material now comes in a spray can: VANTABLACK S-VIS! Video included. Via Amy


Scott Saslow’s Daily Movie Poster Project

from the page

In the spring of 2016, I embarked on a very interesting project. Inspired by another designer who was doing the same thing, I decided to design one movie poster a day, for one year, using mainly public domain imagery though there are exceptions. This montage includes nearly all of them – if I revisited a poster, the original is not included. All told, I’m happy with about 1/6 of them, which is still a lot! Featuring Pink Martini’s “No Hay Problema” and “U Plavu Zoru.” This video is for educational use only.


Featured image is and excerpt of a music painting John Lnnon – Imagine by synesthesiast Melissa McCracken



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