Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Arboreal Mail, Giant Robot Throwdown, Gadgets for the Dead, Canine Avengers and More!

Hurray! We made it! It’s the weekend and I’m feeling pretty fantastic. Here’s hoping you are, too. I’ve got a bunch of cool links here for you, but seriously, that Hardhome video. Wowsers. Therefore, I say- pencils down! Surf’s up!

This is What Happened When an Australian City Gave Trees Email Addresses. And it’s beautiful! {via @seelix}

THIS IS HAPPENING! Giant U.S. And Japanese Robots to Fight to the Death. Video included of the MegaBots and Suidobashi challenge to throwdown. {via Critical Dragon1177}

Ever the advocate, Chris Hadfield’s eloquence unites science and art.

Here at the Lab, we are big fans of @FlyingTrilobite. Apparently so is Born to Science. Cool post: Bringing Together Science and Art: Glendon Mellow.

John and Helen Meyer run Meyer Sound Laboratories. In fact, they are Wizards of Sound, retouching acoustics, from the restaurant to the concert hall.

In this mortuary turned gallery space. two morbid artists—Al Honig and Fernando Orellana—offer gadgets designed for the dead.

Illustrator Josh Lynch imagines if the Avengers were dogs and they are damn adorable. See the rest of the series here.


You can thank the visual effects company El Ranchito for the seamless and completely immersive Hardhome sequence in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones (HBO) – Hardhome (VFX Breakdown)

{via Elizabeth H.}

Read more here: Watch How Hardhome Became a Battle for the Ages.

from the page

Game of Thrones (Season 6 – Episode 8)
Hardhome (Casa Austera) sequence
Director: Miguel Sapochnik
VFX Supervisor: Joe Bauer
VFX Producer: Steve Kullback


Why the internet was made.

Dogs Who Can Jump-Rope Better Than You


Featured image is from the Dogs of the Marvel Universe series by Josh Lynch.



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