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Good day, Maties- if you’ve got a few minutes, I’ve got some cool things here you might like! Surf’s up!


Nerd Nite SF: “Kawaii: The Art of the Super-Cute” by Megan Carlsen, 5/16/12
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from the page

Behold the power of pandas, penguins, and Pikachu! Kawaii is the Japanese word for the quality of cuteness. Cute things stimulate the same area of the brain as arousal, a good meal, or cocaine does. We connect and respond to cute-cues in a visceral way, strongly influenced by our culture, and this behavior affects our actions and, consequently, marketing, medical research, and evolution. We’ll explore what creates cuteness, including the “so ugly it’s cute” phenomena. Corgis, otters, and flying rainbow ponies will abound!


Featured image is by Elspeth McLean.



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