Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Ambiguous Colors, Gehry Sand Castles, Light Calligraphy, Shatner Sings and Much More!

You guyz- WE MADE IT! I hope each one and every one of you is as happy as this dog. I’ve got some Quickies for you. Onward!

This quote is fantastic: “I think a scientist is on a personal journey that is very similar to what an artist takes. They each have to struggle to find what is truly beautiful.” Kate Nichols said that. Read more about Nichols and how nanoparticle paints have changed how she sees color in this wonderful deep dive of a piece The Ambiguous Colors of Nanotechnology. Includes brief vid of Nichols’ studio.

Trent Claus from Lola VFX talks about their specialty, visual cosmetics in this great piece How Exactly Did Ant-Man Make Michael Douglas Look So Young.

Thinking about death does clarifies one’s life. On a larger scale, you can say that about the cosmos, too. Consider The Science of How the Universe Will End, in a Poetic Animation. Video included and also added to the video section of the Quickies.

This infographic ranks which spaceships are the fastest in sci-fi history.

Artist Calvin Siebert imagines what Frank Gehry’s sand castles would look like.

Doghouse Diaries shows you why We’re the best!

When handwriting diesneural networks will be the only calligraphers left. You can thank Alex Graves.

Artist Julien Breton aka “Kaalam” paints with light and his specialty is Arabic Light Calligraphy. Video included of Breton in action.


Renée Hlozek is a TED fellow and a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Astrophysics at Princeton University.

She created this cool lesson with Giant Animation studio.

The death of the universe

from the page

The shape, contents and future of the universe are all intricately related. We know that it’s mostly flat; we know that it’s made up of baryonic matter (like stars and planets), but mostly dark matter and dark energy; and we know that it’s expanding constantly, so that all stars will eventually burn out into a cold nothingness. Renée Hlozek expands on the beauty of this dark ending.


“Fan” Star Trek Original Series Clip to “Common People” by William Shatner

{via Surly Amy}

from the page

Star Trek the Original Series Clip to the music of “Common People” by William Shatner from his album “Has Been”.

NOTE: This clip was made purely for personal creative purposes.
Footage from: Star Trek which is owned by Paramount Pictures and music from “Has Been” album by William Shatner and Ben Folds.


From The Atlantic

Housing Through the Centuries

Found at Laughing Squid.

Well-done animation but I had to look up that fantastic Western surf-ish guitar tune and here it is:
Adam Drake and Liam Watson on

from the page

Throughout human existence, homes have varied drastically in scope, size, and design. Cob houses originated in the eleventh century, are made from straw and earth, and last for hundreds of years. In fact, people still make them today. We’ve come a long way from our cave-dwelling ancestors, however: This year, a house was printed for the first time. For around $160,000 you could print your own mansion in 2015.


Featured image is of Kate Nichols by Peter Earl McCollough.



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