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Mad Quickies 9.20

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Adam Savage: Ground Rules for Success

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The infinitely curious, brilliant, and kind Adam Savage gave the closing benediction at our Boing Boing: Ingenuity theatrical experience at a former Masonic Lodge in San Francisco on August 18. The co-host of Mythbusters, co-founder of Tested, and BB contributor inspired us with his personal story of becoming a maker and outlined ten ground rules for success. Now, we are thrilled to share with you Adam’s full presentation. We hope you find it as illuminating as we did!

5 Surreal Gadgets for Surviving a Horrifying Apocalypse.

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The Shenu: Hydrolemic System is a set of conceptual organs that minimize loss of hydration, allowing humans to consume less water altogether.

Shenu: Hydrolemic System


Featured image is a carpet design by Jonathan Bréchignac.



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