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Mad Quickies 8.29

Hey you guys- I’m meeting up with my Mad Art posse at Dragon*Con soon for hijinks in the name of ART! and SCIENCE! Right now I’m busy packing my lab coat, combat boots, Surly jewelry, and Pimm’s, but I took the time to bring you these super-cool Quickies. Because I love ya’ rotten.



Interpolated HD Video of Curiosity Mars Rover Descent Depicts Real-Time Landing

“This is, I believe, the closest approximation ever of what it might feel like to land
on another planet in real time using actual footage.”*

I cannot watch this without becoming verklempt.

*From Colossal.


Remember that RadioLab show on Color?
And that spectacular aural representation of color perception?

Well, here’s footage of the choir and…

Hallelujah Mantis Shrimp


Featured image is by Al Hartley. It’s an excerpt from his adaptation of
There’s A New World Coming, a downloadable PDF!



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  1. [URL for “There’s a New World Coming” PDF is slightly borked.]

    OMG I actually read that comic as a kid! My grandmother was a late-in-life convert to Jehovah’s Witnesses, and on one visit she had that book out on her coffee table. Very colorful mixed in with the usual selection of Watchtowers — I couldn’t help but pick it up. (Of course she didn’t know that I had already decided I was an atheist. Apocalyptic bible stories, even in comic book form, were no competition for a scientific description of the formation of the solar system.)

  2. Hey there- thanks a bunch! The URL is now unborked. Please to download and relive old memories.

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