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Mad Quickies 8.14


Breaking Bad Theme – played with meth lab equipment

[via @Twinarp}

from the page
I don’t know anything about making meth but a little Googling let me know that if you come across a meth lab you might find, among other things:
– propane cylinders
– rubber tubing
– paper towels
– coffee filters
– laboratory beakers
– measuring cups
– buckets
– plastic bottles
– frying pans

Other than the guitar, all of the sounds in this piece were produced using the items above, with minimal effects and some speed adjustments to change pitches.


Max-Arthur is the Shark Cat.

Found at Laughing Squid.

What’s even better than a cat wearing a shark costume riding a Roomba?

A cat in a shark costume riding a Roomba… in the dark.

[Incidentally, I’m pretty certain Max-Arthur’s “brother” Sharky is the pit bull in that viral photo of him playing with baby chicks.]


Featured image is Space Cat by Maldives artist Maahy.




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  1. Donna,

    Glad you enjoyed the commentary I sent you on why educational TV went downhill. I’m still curious through as to what your opinion on it, actually is.

  2. Despite its near-universal pessimism, I found a ray of hope in its final note that all of these channels started changing around the same time because they were owned by the same company. That suggests to me that there is still a market for the real stuff, even if it small compared to the market for Mermaid Hype.

  3. Breadbox,

    You may have a point, and hopefully the market is big enough that someone else will come along and do what TLC should have done, instead of giving into greed and violating their original mission.

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