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Mad Quickies 7.18

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Poetry, prose, parhelia, a tiny robot,
a graph about everything, and more…


From the artist, Paul Prudence
Parhelia [Finale]

At the artist’s site:
Plums A-V Festival, Moscow: Parhelia

from the page
Video documentation of the final section of Parhelia [2010-2012] – A real-time visual music performance piece. Evolving geometric forms gradually increase in speed and complexity in direct relationship to a mechanized sound-scape.

Stills of the piece can be found here.

Performed at:
Electrovision, London, 2010
Plums A-V Festival, Moscow, 2012

A Parhelion (plural Parhelia, from “beside the sun”, also called a ‘Mock Sun’) is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun.


Address is Approximate

The yearning of a sentient little robot…

Found at Take your roomba on a date to the robot film festival.

from the page
Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins.
Story: A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.


The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS

from the page

Logos surround us in digital and physical space, but we rarely examine the thought and artistic thinking that goes into the design of these symbols. Utilizing a silent vocabulary of colors, shapes, and typography, logo designers give a visual identity to companies and organizations of all types. From cave painters to modern designers, artists throughout history have been reducing the complex down to simple ideas that communicate with the world.

Stephen Heller,
Sagi Haviv,
Kelli Anderson,
Gerard Huerta,


Hogan Grip:
Diamos Roll:
Statue of Diveo:


Featured image is an excerpt from parhelia 08 by Paul Prudence.



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