Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 6.27

  • The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains – part I and part II. {via Amy}
  • Oh, MaryMary Handmade, we don’t just like you, we love you! {via Elyse}
  • Little League follows the adventures of grade school DC comic characters. Here is the archive. {via Maggie}
  • Behold: the edible glass potato chip. {via madfishmonger}
  • Here’s the thing about cheesecake art. “Little Known Fact: All women in comic books have the backbones of ferrets, apparently.” {via Victor}
  • More on color. Plus robots! Muppets! MST3K!


    Flying. Robot. Light show.


    1979 Muppet Movie Screen Test / part 2
    {via Melissa K}

    Jim Henson improvises in Muppet Movie director Jim Frawley’s camera test with the Muppets on location.


    A joke from every episode of MST3K

    The fan who created the compilation says:
    “At the end of three months that I’ll never get back, here is a project I’ve been wanting to do for some time. Every single movie that MST3k ever riffed. And as many shorts as I could get. And anything else MST3k related I felt belonged here. Enjoy.”


    Featured image is Mantis Shrimp by Perry Aragon and was used in the Crayola-ification story. Incidentally the Mantis Shrimp was the Geologic Podcast’s Interesting Fauna, Show 268.



    Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick Studio, principal. Empty Set, designer. Bethlehem Mounties, media. WDIY 88.1FM NPR station programmer. Skepchick.

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    1. I totally and utterly ordered the Little Sloth necklace yesterday. The anthropomorphized sloth is my spirit animal. So lazy, yet so happy.

    2. Oh, that Little Sloth necklace is crazy wonderful. I’m so glad you ordered it!

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