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Mad Quickies 5.16

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More on rainbows in art here.

“One of Milwaukee artist/interventionist Adam Nilson’s “Instruments of Destruction (Complicated Technical Solutions to Aid Simple Acts of Vandalism),” the Robo-Rainbow is a Rube Goldberg machine on wheels. It’s constructed from interconnected bike parts, a drill, mechanical bits and a merry arrangement of spray paint cans. Just you watch what it does. It’s cathartic.”
—Marina Galperina


Featured image is “Greenham Airfield, June 5, 1944 ” by Agan Harahap.



Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick Studio, principal. Empty Set, designer. Bethlehem Mounties, media. WDIY 88.1FM NPR station programmer. Skepchick.

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  1. So much win in this collection of quickies! Some of those pancakes are stunning, and the MaKey MaKey is incredible!

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