Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 4.11

I’ve just recovered from my chocolate-covered zombie coma in time to bring you the Wednesday Quickies!

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clothing, key guns, a Kidd and a kid…


Chip Kidd on Book Design
{via Anne}
Grudgingly wearing a wireless mic, Kidd starts out his TED talk with the observation that “the stationary mic is the sensible shoe of public address”. If that’s amusing to you—or if you are a fan of his wokr—then you’re in for a treat.


Caine’s Arcade
-from the page-
A 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store is about to have the best day of his life.

We dare you to watch this without getting a little verklempt!

Caine’s Scholarship Fund.

found at Colossal


Featured image is by Boris Artzybasheff.



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  1. I didn't like that he used the pink triangle to symbolize hedonism, but those explanations of the various philosophies were really interesting.

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