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Mad Quickies: 3Der Pioneer Women, Supervenus, Female MC Stars, Runway of Dreams and More!

Hello little geeksters, my colleague Bri and I did a bit of a switcharoonie and he’ll be back on Friday with his art crimes and grooviness. But today I have your mid-week shipment of Quickies. Let’s unbox these, shall we?

Deprived of her own timeline by The Daily Mail, Matrix co-director Lilly Wachowski comes out as transgender in a powerful personal essay. More at Jezebel.

There were so many fantastic tweets and information shared on #InternationalWomensDay and this is one was the most fascinating. 20 women making a difference with 3D printing. The women are astounding and their work is pioneering the way in this third industrial revolution. [You might recognize the work of Kinematics designer, Jessica Rosenkrantz of Nervous Systems.] Enjoy getting lost in the links! Via @artcollisions.

Experimental filmmaker, Frederic Doazan and sound editor, Vandy Roc created a film: Supervenus – An Anatomical Journey Through Perfection. Video included, also below.

Designer Jason Freeny created the adorable and slightly terrifying anatomical balloon dog and rubber ducky models. Omigodz and we can BUY THEM!

Flavorwire gives us the 5 best MCs we should already be listening to and they’re all women. Videos included.

It’s about time this happened! The amazing non-profit Runway of Dreams seeks to make sylish clothing available to kids who are differently abled.

Phi Phi O’Hara, a now celebrated drag queen, turns herself into favorite 90s cartoon characters. Follow Phi Phi on Instagram and check out her #365DaysOfDrag challenge.

Rage Gear Studios reimagines X-Men as Rainbow Brite characters.

I know this sounds tabloidy but it’s true: a crew at sea in the South Pacific discovers the live birth of an island. Fascinating images.


Supervenus (2014) – Short film by Frederic Doazan

Found at Laughing Squid.

from the page
A short film submitted to the Brussels Short Film Festival by Frederic Doazan and Vandy Roc starts the conversation about body type demands placed on women today. Beginning with a medical diagram of a woman, the animated video shows a systematic reworking of the female form that brings our sickest corporal thoughts to life.


Why the English Language Has So Many Words That Mean Exactly the Same Thing

Found at Laughing Squid.

from the page
Why does English have so many words that have twins? Here’s how we got to have two vocabularies, one based in Germanic roots, and one based in Latin.


Featured image is an excerpt of a work by Neri Oxman.
See more here.



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