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Mad Quickies: 360º StoryBooks; Space Art; Geometric Bugs; Intentional Sonic Assault and More!

Howdy, you guys, and happy weekend! Want to chill with some excellent links? Well, I’ve got your justifiable distraction right here. Enjoy!


Zach Wechter’s inner-city neo-noir short

Straight Down Low

{via Kim R.}

from The Atlantic

In this phenomenal short, a young detective must infiltrate rival gangs to investigate a puzzling murder. It’s called Straight Down Low and it’s directed by Zach Wechter, a filmmaker I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about in the future. Wechter clearly draws inspiration from Rian Johnson’s cult hit Brick, but his work is far from a rip-off; he’s steeped this hard-boiled story with narrative twists built on race relations, sexuality, and class tension.


Featured image is an excerpt of The Longhorn Mismisa by Chaotic Atmospheres.


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