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Every Anime opening ever made
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Phew! That’s a little a lot.


Magnetic Movies
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The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries.


Meet the Organs
at I Heart Guts


Featured image was constructed of characters at I Heart Guts.



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  1. Ugh, I HATE those desktop aquarium things.  The 'closed ecosystem' tanks (WTF??) and the betta tanks with plant roots that somehow magically filter the water AND feed the (carnivorous) betta are bad enough.  Really, a marine nano in a goldfish bowl?  With NO filtration?  A cycling time of only twelve hours before you add your livestock?
    Unlike a lot of freshwater species, most of the species kept in saltwater aquariums are too difficult to breed in captivity.  This means wild-caught, and wild-caught means about 80-90% mortality before they even make it to the store.  If you're going to go saltwater, do your research and provide the best environment possible for your animals (hint: this isn't a trendy little glass bowl with a bubbler).  And if you're new to saltwater, don't start with a nano tank.  The bigger, the better.
    /end rant

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