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Jacques Piccard and the Mariana Trench
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Fifty-one years ago, Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard and Navy oceanographer Don Walsh descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, seven miles below the sea’s surface. It’s the lowest point on Earth, and deeper than any human had gone before — or since.

Above is a new video chronicling the explorers’ journey, weaving animation with audio from an interview granted by Piccard in 2005, three years before his death. The interview was conducted by New York writer Victor Ozols for Esquire, but went unpublished and eventually ended up on his blog. There it was found by German design student Roman Wolter, who made the film.

“Piccard’s story has been told in encyclopedic format before, but never before like this,” wrote Ozols in an e-mail to

Piccard and Walsh performed their descent Jan. 23, 1960, inside the bathyscaphe Trieste — a closet-sized metal sphere joined to a giant gasoline-filled buoyancy tank, built with the assistance of Piccard’s father. Since then, only two remotely operated robots have made the journey.

source: Wired

Copyright Math
“A Ted talk about someone who actually disassembled the mathematical claims of the RIAA and found their stats to be… lacking. Very, very funny.” {so says Melissa who foubd this gem.}

Story source: Copyright math – a quantitative reasoning master class by Rob Reid.


Featured image is “Pheromones”, watercolor on paper, by Aubrey Learner.



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