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Christoph Malin’s
The ISS Image Frontier – “Making the invisible visible”

Read what the Bad Astronomer has to say in his post The View from Above Our World.

from the page

The 3-minute-attention-span is not valid for this film: A tribute to the International Space Station Program as well as Dr. Don Pettit, NASA Astronaut and ISS Astrophotographer. It can not be emphasized enough, how Dr. Pettits innovative photographic work and his passion has changed the way we see earth from space. Accompanied with great info on the challenges of astrophotography aboard the ISS by Dr. Pettit, this shortfilm features a compilation of 4 special ISS timelapses (“intro”, “startrails”, “fisheye” and “aurorae”). Welcome aboard the ISS – enjoy stunning photography and timelapses from the Space Station!


Breaking the 4th wall in film
A supercut by Leigh Singer
Posted at Press Play by Matt Zoller Seitz

Go to the video’s site for a list of all the movie cuts.


Featured images are from Christoph Niemann’s Petting Zoo iPad app.



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