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Mad Quickies 12.14


It’s the Weekend Quickies! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and surf on.


Extraordinary time-lapse film…
Into The Atmosphere

Filmmaker Michael Shainblum says
““Into The Atmosphere,” is my tribute to the state of California and the beautiful deserts, mountains and coastlines that exist there. This video showcases a variety of national/state parks as well as less recognized natural areas. The video also focuses on clouds, fog and interesting atmospheric conditions. Although California is known for blue sunshine skies, seeing a colorful storm cloud over Half Dome or an incredible sunset at the La Jolla Coves is really a sight to see. The goal of this video is to show these environments in their best possible light.”


Giant Ant Hill Excavated
{via Surly Amy}

from the page
A giant ant colony is pumped full of concrete, then excavated to reveal the complexity of its inner structure.


Bonus awesomeness, just because I love ya’ —

You shall not pass, Dog.


Featured image is Treasure Hunt by Jee Young. From the page: “Treasure Hunt is based on the artist’s childhood memories. Lee devoted three months to crafting the lush multitude of wire leaves – it evokes a child-like wonderland.”



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