Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 11.2

Have you ever asked yourself what a corpse left in the dark looks like after a while? That’s funny, I have too. And we can watch that after the jump because…

It’s the Friday Quickies! Let’s begin!

To watch Rot all you have to do is click…



A stop-motion makeup animation by Erica Luke.
One of the most beautifully creepy things I’ve ever seen.


You know what’s coming…
and you won’t be able to look away!

Of Eggs and Aliens

The latest curiosity by Terry Border of Bent Objects


The Boneyard Project: The Return Trip

The Project’s site.


Improvisation Machine by Annika Frye

Explanation and stills here.

from the page

German designer Annika Frye built a rotational moulding machine which makes plastic vessels that resemble ceramic.


Tree of Life branches out online

from the page
Exploring the evolutionary tree of life is now as easy as navigating an online map, thanks to a new interactive website.

October 16th 2012: The OneZoom manuscript is published in PLoS Biology, the first in the journal’s new “Cool Tools” series. The OneZoom website, videos and software all go live.

Joel Cracraft on OneZoom: “This will revolutionize how we teach and understand the Tree of Life. It is an invaluable tool for communicating the grand scope of life’s history.”

David Hillis on OneZoom: “The problem of visualizing an evolutionary tree for millions of species is a challenging one. OneZoom provides a creative solution that will be of great utility, especially for web-based representations of the Tree of Life.”


Featured image is an excerpt from Monkey Eyes by Tim Flach.
Platinum print 51 x 61 cm (20 x 24 in) From the edition of 25.



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