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Mad Quickies 11.16

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Sundays at Rocco’s

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Nicholas Petron’s grandfather, Rocco Galasso, moved to New York City from Italy with the hopes of making a better life. For eighteen years Rocco served as owner and superintendent of an apartment building where much of his family resided–until the day they were given notice that their building faced demolition to make way for new apartments. As Nick remembers, that’s when everything changed.

Funding provided by:
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
National Endowment for the Arts
In partnership with POV


2012 XVIVO Demo Reel
Animations of Cell Life

Source: Animations of Life at Gurney Journey.

Read more at XVIVO | Scientific Animation.

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Everyday, scientists are discovering and inventing things that no human has ever seen before. Our mission is dedicated to making these discoveries visible, understandable and compelling.

XVIVO’s award-winning animation studio creates compelling visual productions for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, advertising agencies, educational organizations, museums and broadcast companies. From script to screen, we provide custom education and communication services for every client.


Willem van Weeghel’s
Kinetic Art – Dynamic Structure 29117

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Kinetic object with 32 independently moving lines. Controlled by an integrated computersystem. The video shows some of the constantly changing ordered and random structures that appear and disappear. Dimensions: 4.20m X 2.80m. 2007 – 2010.


Featured image is an excerpt of the Tigger/Dr. Who cake by Nerdache Cakes.



Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick Studio, principal. Empty Set, designer. Bethlehem Mounties, media. WDIY 88.1FM NPR station programmer. Skepchick.

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  1. I called Briar Rose over to my computer to watch the XVIVO | Scientific Animation videos. She about made me cry. It was so precious to watch her face as she looked at the movies in wonderment. When it was showing the different parts of the human body she said , “Some of the human body up really close looks like the sea and some looks like land.” and, “Others might find this gross, but I don’t.” That’s my girl and future surgeon. I’m so happy I live in a time where I can share such interesting ideas and visuals with my girls.

  2. Gigi- I’ve read your comment about seven times because it makes me so darn happy! Thank you for that.

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