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Mad Quickies 1.30

From “Come Fly With Me” to “Thus Spake Zarathrustra” (natch), “Wake-Up Calls” is the playlist used by NASA to wake crews in space. [pdf] • Bad Astronomer gives us The Art of the Pale Blue Dot inked by Gavin Aung Than. Vid included. {via Mary B} • Alien cake toppers. {via Steve D.} • How to make a Bragota from the Bogata Rakes in bra underwire. {via Anne S.} • Ryan North is creating a webcomic based on Galaga. {via Steve D.} • Bean Shanine creates Vampire reborn babies. {via Critical Dragon} • The Milky Way Transit Authority a la the London tube maps. • Today’s infographic: the Art and Science of S’Mores. • Flickr finds: the super-cool ephemera at Unkē E.’s photostream and the images at • Pinterest find: Retro Scientiarum .



from the page

CATNIP: EGRESS TO OBLIVION?: Debuting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and available only on YouTube

Catnip is all the rage with today’s modern feline, but do we really understand it? This film frankly discusses the facts about this controversial substance.

Watch more short films curated by Sundance Institute:

Written and Directed by Jason Willis. Starring Giovanni Dominice, Neil Kight and Terry Easley.

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion on facebook


Featured image is the spread pages 84-85: Gyoas, illustrated by Shoji Ohtomo from the book “Kaiju Zukan” or “Monster Picture Book”.



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