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Mad Cats!


Here at Mad Art Lab, we kinda live on the intarwebs. This means we like us some cats. (Most of us, anyway.)

We like cats so much, we’ve invited some of them to LIVE WITH US.

Granted, they’re not always the best roommates. They don’t pay rent, they demand to be fed for free, they stomp on your head while you’re sleeping, they shed all over and hork on the carpet. Rude!

Good thing they’re cute.

Look at our cats! (click to embiggen.)

Wait, we like dogs, too. Look at our dogs!

Tuey at the Humane Society
Tuey at the Humane Society
Rocket and Booster!
Rocket and Booster!

Some of us have other pets, too. They may be camera-shy.

Show us your critters in the comments!

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