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Mad Art Cast with Special Guest Geek a Week Artist, Len Peralta


Welcome to episode #49 of Mad Art Cast! This week we bring you the master of geekery, speed drawing, monsters and the illustrator of the famed Geek A Week project, the brilliant, Mr Len Peralta!

Len joins joins the gang to discuss staying fit, staying creative, geek culture, how artists can seem like magicians, how everyone is a villain or a hero and his new comic book! We had a lot of fun on this episode, Len is a great artist with a lot of insight and if you aren’t familiar with him or his work, now is your chance!

Art of Amy and her husband Johnny by Len Peralta. (Aka “How Len Sees Amy)

Listen below or find us on iTunes!

Find Len on Patreon and Twitter and his website.

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