Late Night Cage Fight

Sometimes we receive interesting requests.

Hello, My name is Diego.
I’m working for a production company in LA that is casting people for a TV Pilot that aims to explore the conversation about some current and relevant topics. One of those topics is the existence of God. We were wondering if you knew of any young person located near to LA that doesn’t believe in God and that would be willing to be a part of a conversation with a person with the opposite belief. The show aims to raise awareness about the topics and to explore how people approach to a conversation with a person that has the opposite believes. In case you knew of someone, I’m including below the information about the casting.


Do you have strong opinions on a specific topic? Do you enjoy a good healthy debate? We are seeking both male and females, ages 18-26, with bold personalities and strong opinions to take part in a TV pilot, shooting August 25th. If you’re always finding yourself in an argument with people over the same issue, then you’re probably the perfect fit for this show. From topics as controversial as “#blacklivesmatter” or as trivial as “Kimye vs Taylor,” if you’re passionate about it, we want to hear about it!

If interested, please reply with the following: 1) Name 2) Age 3) Subject Matter(s) 4) Photo Please Submit To -[a different, cooler email address] *compensation if selected.

Happily I am fluent in casting agent.

Greetings human!
I saw someone link something of yours and got an intern to google you only to discover that you are both wizened and old! Do you know someone younger than you who is also like you? Perhaps someone older who looks younger by bathing in the blood of the youthful?

We would like to pay them to verbally cagefight another probably young person. Possibly a real cagefight, we’re still printing the waivers. We also want young people to cagefight about other things like this hashtag we saw and some people we almost met once only not ever. If you have youth or youths to send to our cagefight, tell us who they are so we can definitely not show up with a van and take them to our secret location next to the Applebee’s.

Feed us your younglings.

Feed them to our cage.

Jim Tigwell

A survivor of two philosophy degrees, Jim Tigwell spends his days solving interesting problems in software. By night he can be found at poetry slams and whatever art opening has the strangest cheese selection. Host of the biweekly Concept Crucible podcast and occasional blogger, Jim is also a juggler, musician, magician, and maker of digital things. You can find his music and videos at Woot Suit Riot, a channel that doubles as a home for wayward and timid creators. Observe his antics there, or heckle directly on Twitter @ConceptCrucible. If the software and internet game doesn’t pan out, he’s determined to be a great Canadian vampire hunter.

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