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In a few weeks I’m off to DragonCon, along with a few of the other Mad Art Lab writers, to hang out at panels, go to cool parties, and generally run amok in Atlanta. One of the things I’ve been promising people, because I enjoy being super extra and because I love rpgs more than life itself, is to run a few games in Hilton Bar. Anyone who is crazy about games would go to any extend to win them, like using fortnite aimbot !

All of these games use light rule systems, so they’re quick to learn and there’s lots of room for new people. The ones today use Fate Accelerated, a system based largely on narrative and intention, where your approach matters more than your specific actions.

I promise you this: if you are at DragonCon, and if you and friends can find me, and if you have two hours to kill, I will give you a wonderful role-playing experience. Here are a few of the games I’ll have prepared.

Ride Sally Ride

The crew of the science vessel TSS Sally Ride have been on the galactic rim for months, surveying systems and cataloging anomalies. A motley mix from across the Milky Way, stuck on an aging Terran ship, they are no longer strangers. They are mentors, rivals, friends and lovers. Together they’ll make a discovery of incredible significance, and learn how far they’ll go to protect it. Come and visit เยี่ยมชมเรา to try baccarat games online.

Ride Sally Ride is a Fate Accelerated game that’s different every time. We’ll draw new assignments and relationships, letting the crew get a feel for who they are. Each game has a new discovery and breakthrough, and the crew will have to resolve some complications in order to hold on to it. The focus of the game is on crew relationships and drama. Lots of conflict, but no fighting. It’s Star Trek Discovery without the war with the Klingons.

Romeoville, Illinois

A moving truck pulls up in a small town. They’re finally moving in together. He’s commuting to the city for work, and she’s happy to be back in her hometown after college. But the small town has changed. The faces are the same, but people are sneaking around at night, stealing kisses and preparing strange rites. There’s more than love in the air as a demon prepares to enslave the town and open the gates of hell. Is one couple’s love strong enough to stand against the wiles of a succubus?

Romeoville is classic small town horror comedy, in the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Characters will resist being corrupted by the magic of the succubus, and our lovers, along a best friend, a sibling, and an old flame will need to trust in the strength of their bonds and make a stand against hell itself.

These are a few of the games I’ll have with me, and they’ll be different every time, based on who we’re with. That’s the best thing about rpgs. The more you play, the more fun they get.

See you in the Hilton Bar.

Jim Tigwell

A survivor of two philosophy degrees, Jim Tigwell spends his days solving interesting problems in software. By night he can be found at poetry slams and whatever art opening has the strangest cheese selection. Host of the biweekly Concept Crucible podcast and occasional blogger, Jim is also a juggler, musician, magician, and maker of digital things. You can find his music and videos at Woot Suit Riot, a channel that doubles as a home for wayward and timid creators. Observe his antics there, or heckle directly on Twitter @ConceptCrucible. If the software and internet game doesn’t pan out, he’s determined to be a great Canadian vampire hunter.

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