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What I find most troubling* about this #madscientist #art is the insufficient personal protection equipment (PPE). If ol’ girl works in a lab, her PPE needs to be ON FLEEK. Let’s talk by the numbers…

sexy scientist by the numbers corrected

  1. We all like a good blowout, but the lab rule of hair-up-and-back means hair is secured. #BeckyWithTheUnsafeHair needs to grab a scrunchy or something.
  2. Those Harry Potter specs be real cute – but they ain’t safe. Get your life, ol’ girl, and put on some damn safety goggles. Oh, and I see that pencil. You better not be using that to record your data extemporaneously in your lab book.
  3. Please, lawrd, tell me those aren’t fabric gloves. And where’s the cap for your round-bottom flash? Is your hand covering the label?
  4. That’s a badass color of lipstick.
  5. A bow tie? Really? Okay, boo, you do you.
  6. Get a lab coat that fits. You spill on the lab bench? It’ll be your torso that gets hit.
  7. Is that a radioactive label patch on your sleeve? Okay, ol’ girl, I see what you’re doing there.
  8. Michael Jackson did make the one glove famous, but let’s keep that and the moonwalking out of the the lab. That’s what your office is for. And where’s the cap or Parafilm for that test tube? Hand covering the label again? #mysteryliquid
  9. We all want to be Beyonce, but we ain’t Beyonce. We have to wear pants/trousers – or a long skirt. As you’re two-steppin’ around lab with that colorful liquid, ol’ girl, you might drop it like it’s hot and it would be best to have a layer of protection on your lower half. You know if Queen Bey were a bench scientist, she’d be rockin’ PPE that SLAYED.
  10. Those are some fly boots, but are they slip resistant? Do they need to be? If the soles work, they’d look just as fly over some skinny jeans and that would be #9 above sorted!



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DrRubidium is an analytical chemist that spends her days finding needles in needlestacks. Also a science communicator, she focuses on the the science behind everyday stuff and pop culture.

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