#DIYMAL: Bejeweled hanging candle holder

The room needed something… I determined that something was a hanging candle holder. A fancy looking one. Bejeweled even! The search began… and it did not go well. Too expensive, too big, too small, colors not quite right… then I saw a $3 diamond-in-the-rough candle holder in the Target Dollar Spot.

$3 candle holder

EUREKA! With this $3 candle holder, some spray paint I already owned (Oleum® Hammered in silver), a cheap piece of costume jewelry, and a few hooks, the bejeweled hanging candle holder would be mine! A cheap necklace was scored a few days later at Wal-mart and s-hooks retrieved from my toolbox. First step was to spray paint the holder, done outdoors in just a few minutes, with a couple of hours dry time.

$5 necklace and handy s-hooks

My bargain $5 necklace had 3 sections of beads and faux pearls, separated by chain with long sections of chain at the end with a clasp and ring closure. Securing the ends with s-hooks and hanging the necklace as is, well… the middle section of beads and faux pearls was right where I’d need to hand the whole contraption from the ceiling and their was just too much chain on each side. The necklace had to be re-engineered a bit – pretty easy work with needle-nose pliers!

I removed sections from the clasp and ring sides of the necklace. Next, I connected the ring side section to the clasp side section. The now longer chain with clasp was clipped between a couple of the necklace’s beads like so…

To secure the necklace in place, I crimped the sides of the s-hooks looped through the necklace. A hook screw was retrieved from the ol’ tool box and placed in the ceiling. A candle was added to the holder, my new bejeweled candle holder hung, and pictures snapped.


Not too bad for $8 and change, plus old paint and a bit of tinkering!

Going to whip up your own version? Keep it safe! Use a necklace that is strong enough to hold the candle holder of your choosing. To be extra safe, I ended up weaving fishing line through necklace – a nearly invisible safety measure! For a candle holder, there are all sorts of containers you can use – make sure it’s candle safe. Please share a picture of your finished product on twitter with #DIYMAL. We want to see your craftiness!


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DrRubidium is an analytical chemist that spends her days finding needles in needlestacks. Also a science communicator, she focuses on the the science behind everyday stuff and pop culture.

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