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Baloney Detection Kit [Psycho-Business]

First of all it’s my first post ever! So please be understanding.
Second thing I need to mention is that English is not my mother-language.

I come from Poland where catholic church still has strong influence on politics and general public. This state of affairs makes many people upset so many of them decide to quit their religion. The worst thing is that the superiority of faith and belief is ‘hardwired’ with Polish history and culture. That’s the reason why here in Poland we have either catholics either New Age believers.

Where the New Age believers are the psycho-business and pseudo-therapies are too. That’s why the main goal of Polish skeptics is explain general public what is NLP, Family Constellations, Regressing and all that psycho-alt-med world of nonsense.

From now on I will focus on some of well-known pseudo-psycho-therapies.
But first I want to share with you the characteristics of pseudoscience (kind of baloney detection kit pseudo-psychology part).


link here:
Characteristics of Pseudoscience by daveharrow

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