The Art of Skeptic Activism [NLP – No Longer Psycho-business]

Creationists, homeopaths, NLP therapists, faith healers, astrologers, etc. they all have one common thing – awesome PR.

That’s why debates between evolutionists and creationists seem not to work as rationally thinking people would guess. Science/skepticism often uses debate techniques to express arguments but faith/superstition uses advertising.

For many rational skeptics, ‘nerd-ness’ is in fact sexy but for the most of ‘Faith-Hope-Love’ people we are just a pack of unhappy geeks without imagination who destroy all fun and magic of the world.

There are already skeptics doing really good PR for skepticism and critical thinking. Most of them are well-know in the skeptic community. Today I want to introduce another one – the author of a hoax similar to Sokal affair – Tomasz Witkowski.

He’s next target is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

“The facts gathered in my research certainly will outrage most of NLP believers, therefor I challenge all of you to a duel – write reliable critic of my article and publish it in PPB (Polish Psychological Bulletin) or any other science journal of a similar credibility.”

-Tomasz Witkowski from his website

click here to read the research
click here to read the introduction for authors

My dear Mad Art Lab Rats, let’s make some skeptical art and spread this news!

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