Auction: Custom Cocktail by Mixologist Anne Sauer

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Anne Sauer’s custom cocktail is back! This very popular item already has bids, so get yours in or put it on your watch list for Sunday, March 30, 9:00pm EDT, when the auction ends.

These are all for me. Get your own.
These are all for me. Get your own.

For those not familiar with this bit of personalized deliciousness, the auction itself is for a customized drink recipe made just for you based on your taste preferences. As with all our other auctions, this is a donated item to help us raise money for science activity supplies and informational materials as well as expenses to bring out scientists and other experts to SkepchickCon. Read more about SkepchickCon below or at the official website. We also have several other items up for auction. Check out the full list here.

You can get nonalcoholic too!
You can get nonalcoholic too!

Anne is Mad Art Lab’s resident mixologist. Every year at SkepchickCon, she works her magic in our party room with drink-based educational demos. Read more about Anne in Surly Amy’s recent interview.

Be sure to also check out Amy’s interviews with SkepchickCon guests Bug Girl and Dr. Siouxsie Wiles. We’ve also updated our website with more information about the guests and panels. Our guest and panel list is still in the planning stages, so I’ll keep you updated here and on the site:

If you want to go but need help with the cost, or if you’d like to help someone else go to the con, check out Amy’s I Love Science at SkepchickCon fundraiser.

And of course, as I mention above, we could also use your help with the costs of materials and supplies as well as travel expenses for our experts, all of which we cover on our own dime. We do not profit from this or get a cut of the CONvergence ticket sales, which is one of the reasons we are doing these auctions.

For those of you new to the purpose of these auctions and/or SkepchickCon, here’s the rundown:


SkepchickCon is the science and skepticism track at CONvergence, a sci-fi/fantasy conference held in the Minneapolis area every July 4th weekend (this year’s dates are July 3-7). For SkepchickCon 2014, not only will we have the usual panels and workshops, we’ll also be hosting all-day science and art activities and salons in our track room. Plus, we’ll have Roving Science, science experiments we can do throughout the con, such as with people waiting in lines.

As I mention above, we do not get a cut of the con ticket sales, so all expenses are completely covered by Skepchick. We do not profit at all from this con. If you can spare even five bucks, you can donate directly through Paypal to (skepchick [at]

Can’t afford to donate but still want to help out? Contact me at (skepchickevents [at] for information on volunteer opportunities (from things you can do from the comfort of your own home to helping out at the con itself).

We also accept donations for future auctions. Have a quirky item you’re willing to part with that the Skepchick audience might like? Will to create or donate a handmade item? Have ideas for auctions you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments or by email.

Thanks so much for your support!

Featured image by Anne Sauer. Other photos by Julie Michelle. SkepchickCon logo design by kick-ass artist Beth Voigt of Mad Art Lab.

Anne S

Anne Sauer is an atheist with an appetite for science, good food, and making connections between the two. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. Her favorite foods are salted caramel ice cream and chicken tikka masala. You can find her on twitter @aynsavoy.

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