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Mad Quickies: Art Crimes, Edible Flower Lollipops, 360 Degree Drawings and More!


Hello there friends. It’s your old pal Brian back with your Wednesday Quickies. I’m sorry I was absent last week, but I got lost underneath New York. I’ll tell you, exploring beneath the city is fun and I even made some new friends. Rats can be friends right? Anyway, onward!

Art Crimes!

The 30 funniest single-panels in comic book history. -Via Courtney

Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez creates beautiful worlds with toys and miniatures.

Artist Allison May Kiphuth makes these GORGEOUS small-scale dioramas celebrating the natural world of her Maine home. I want all of them.

Yes, this is a 360 degree drawing in a 40-foot inflatable dome, inside of a former soy sauce factory by Oscar Oiwa.

Retail find: Edible flowers preserved in lollipops by Pittsburgh’s Sugar Bakers.



Bonus! Impress your friends! A temporary tattoo of Hans Holbein’s anamorphic skull.



Featured image by Allison May Kiphuth

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