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Mad Quickies: Female STEM Heroes; Secret History of Pigments; Bionic Pop Star; a $666,000 Bill and More!


Donna had so many links stored up that she graciously loaned me some for today’s dose of Quickies. I think some of my favorite things all year are in this list, starting with…

io9’s Most Amazing Science Images of 2014. You should spend a lot of time on this page. -Via Donna is featuring women of the Administration, who work in STEM, talking about their female STEM heroes. -Via Smashley

Emily says: “If you’re not reading Maggie Koerth’s Fellowship of Three Things, you probably should be. It’s one of the best weekly newsletters out there. This week it’s about historical pigments.

From the “I wish I had thought of this” files – Artist Atsushi Koyama superimposes exploded mechanical diagrams over human anatomy. I really love it.

The world’s first bionic pop-star? All I can say is wow. And the video is seriously badass. -Via Anne

The geology of Middle-Earth.

Skinny Puppy sends the US government and $666,000 invoice for allegedly using their music during torture sessions.


Featured image by Atsushi Koyama
Human anatomy superimposed over exploded mechanical drawings

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  1. With all due respect [Silvio Dante voice] to Atsushi Koyama, had I not seen the Colossal post, I totally would have thought this is your work. Gorgeous!

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