WIP weekends – Medieval Coloring Book

This isn’t really my work in progress (besides coloring them in) but I had to share.  My friend Ben Nelson was at a library used book sale and something caught his eye:

It was a very large book showcasing images of Medieval Brasses – ornamental memorial metal-works from a range of years from the 14th to 17th centuries in Europe. All of the images were two-tone black and white, and immediately made me think of a coloring book.

They are amazing.  Check out his full directions on how you can make your own coloring book from old books.  And download the images on the last page of his instructable to make your own medieval coloring book.

Do you have a favorite coloring book?  Share in the comments!  Not that I need more books lol.

Below are a few of my coloring works in progress.

IMAG0028_s IMAG0027_s IMAG0026_s

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