Tim Vortex: Episodes 3 & 4

With the new year rolling around I apparently forgot to share our latest Death By Puppets videos here. Revenge of the Odlids represents, I think, a bit of a jump in the post production work our editor is able to pull off, and I also feel like I was making some actual acting choices with Tim’s movement (more than just “stay in frame and lip sync right”).

Two of the biggest factors in designing and building a puppet (for me) are how it looks and how it moves. This fourth episode of Tim Vortex (“Out of Gas”, which may be our mid-season finale?) highlighted to us how we’ve grown in that regard. Our beloved Placebo Smith puppet is re-cast and Maria quickly realized how different the movement is. Mary Sue (who was originally Princess Leah in a stage show) has a more loose natural movement to her, and a reasonably simple design. Placebo on the other hand was one of the first puppets I made with a detachable torso/head and I put a lot of effort into getting her to look the way I wanted, unfortunately she is also a bit stiff and the mouth movement isn’t nearly as easy… and I’m afraid it shows.

As I am posting this so late, I can also throw in the outtakes footage as well. I’m always curious to know how amusing our outtakes are to other people, because let me tell you, these outtakes are comedy gold to *US*.

If you missed the first videos, or want to watch the series from the beginning:

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