Tiny Paintings Round Two

The second part of my Tiny Paintings project has been to send them out into the world; given away to friends.  I’ve also asked those friends to send or post pictures of the tiny paintings in their new homes, possibly with some small observer looking on. The idea being that the project isn’t just me sitting in my basement painting nerdy things, but that the “art” is in the combination of my own experience, the objects themselves, and the connection between people who enjoy those things, as well as the choices made on the other end, for who might be observing the paintings, or just how they are displayed.

One of my primary motivators in creating anything, be it word, song, puppet, painting, or performance, is with the hope that it will add just a little happiness to somebody’s day (either because it amuses them, or simply makes them feel less alone, or for their own reasons entirely).  This project in particular has been about both finding things that I find interesting to put onto canvas, things that bring me joy, as well as trying to pair those up with people who will get enjoyment from seeing them because the painting reminds them of something they love (be that Muppets, or Star Wars, or SPACE!, or whatever) as well as it being a gift from somebody who thought of them when the gift was given.

With all that in mind, I’m thrilled to share the next phase in my collaborative project.


BB8 observes the Falcon

Tiny Paintings

Jakku and Jupiter

Tiny Paintings - X-Wing Tiny Paintings Galaxy Tiny Paintings Tiny Tardis Tiny Paintings Tardis

Poppets and the Death Star

"Allo" "I am Groot?" "No, I said allo, but that's close enough."
“I am Groot?”
“No, I said allo, but that’s close enough.”

TinyPaintings - Hoth


And the pièce de résistance … Ryan’s video that went with the painting and the peepers I sent along:

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  1. Mine has a place of honor on my mantel, between Tim Vortex’s ship and the Giger Counter.  I really need to get a display cabinet for all this stuff. 🙂

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