The Story Collider Needs Comics!

Good news, everyone! The Story Collider, a monthly, NYC-based science storytelling show, is preparing to launch a magazine within the next few months. Not only do they want your science stories, but they want your comics about science stories. Here’s the official word from producer Erin Barker:

The Story Collider is seeking true stories about science in comic-book form for its upcoming online magazine. The story can be either a personal experience of the artist or an illustration of a previously recorded TSC story. Format and length are flexible. Compensation is negotiable. Email Erin for more information.

Having just recently illustrated John Rennie’s story, Aggression, for the Story Collider fundraising drive, I can say that they’re a blast to work with, and a wonderful organization that is popping up in cities such as Washington, DC and Ann Arbor, Michigan. If  you want to get involved, but don’t have a story of your own (doubtful!) there are some top-notch tales to draw from.

So have a listen, and go it, ye tigers!


P.s. If you read this entire post in Professor Farnsworth’s voice. Good on ya.


Maki Naro is an artist, incurable geek, and lover of cooking, public radio, small animals, and Blade Runner. He comprises one half of the Sci-ence Webcomic's dynamic duo.

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