The Stinkiest of Cheeses?

Think you like stinky cheese? Limburger, gorgonzola, epoisses? What about cheese that doesn’t just smell like feet or armpits but is actually made from the same bacteria that inhabit those parts of the human body?

For the Grown Your Own…Life After Nature exhibit at the Science Gallery Dublin in Trinity College Dublin, scientists created cheese from the little critters responsible for all of your favorite human body odors. It turns out that these bacteria are related to the species that bring us delicious smelly cheeses. Says microbiologist Christina Agapakis, “I’m really excited about things that sometimes are a little bit gross, a little bit disgusting,” Turns out, no one is actually sampling these cheese (unlike this other art exhibit featuring cheese made from something other than cow, sheep, or goat milk) but I like the questions the exhibit raises.

If you’re not already totally squicked out, check out the following video about the project!

Crocheted cheeses in the featured image by EternalSunshine on Etsy

Anne S

Anne Sauer is an atheist with an appetite for science, good food, and making connections between the two. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. Her favorite foods are salted caramel ice cream and chicken tikka masala. You can find her on twitter @aynsavoy.

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