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Argonne National Laboratory’s Microbiome Project: Surgery

Shortly after I’d written my last post (let’s not reflect on how long ago that was), I got tapped for a freelance project with Argonne National Laboratories. They have a YouTube series with Dr. Jack Gilbert called The Microbiome Project, and were looking to have a medical animation of what …


Painting of Chlamydia in a Host Cell at Approximately 48 Hours

This painting is 3ft wide by 3 feet high and is Acrylic on Canvas. Please support more art like this on Patreon. For my main sciart project for this past October, I chose microbiology as a theme and specifically I wanted to represent a bad bacteria so that I could …


The Bacteria Chlamydia and Coloring Pages for #inktober

I just completed a really fun project for my patreon that happened to perfectly coincide with #inktober. People all over the world posted ink drawings with that hashtag during the month and I happily joined in the fun with a bit of sciart. First, I drew some fun time lapse …


The Stinkiest of Cheeses?

Think you like stinky cheese? Limburger, gorgonzola, epoisses? What about cheese that doesn’t just smell like feet or armpits but is actually made from the same bacteria that inhabit those parts of the human body? For the Grown Your Own…Life After Nature exhibit at the Science Gallery Dublin in Trinity College Dublin, scientists created …


Random Acts of Art: 3.3 The Pathogen Listeria in Mammalian Cells

Today’s installment of Random Acts of Art is inspired by a custom order I just finished. I was asked to create some ceramic coasters with a representation of the pathogen Listeria monocytogenes in mammalian cells. So I did. I enjoyed doing the drawing so much, I created a few extra. …

Milky Way Galaxy; E. coli genetically modified with GFP; 9 x 9 inches; 2012
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Photos grown in bacteria

So, this is really cool: What this guy is doing is essentially using bacteria instead of silver halide crystals to develop photos. He uses a jellyfish protein to make bacteria fluoresce green, or a strain of bacteria that is naturally red. He spreads that bacteria on a plate, and then …

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Painting with Microbes

Evolution in Action is a fantastic little RocketHub funding campaign to study how bacteria like e-coli evolve as they pass through the GI tract of a host. It’s an interesting project and it has the potential to expand our knowledge of bacterial infections so that we may better combat them …