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Photos grown in bacteria

So, this is really cool:

What this guy is doing is essentially using bacteria instead of silver halide crystals to develop photos. He uses a jellyfish protein to make bacteria fluoresce green, or a strain of bacteria that is naturally red. He spreads that bacteria on a plate, and then uses a negative to shield certain areas of the plate from radiation, which protects the bacteria in those regions of the plate. So the bacteria then grow out in a recognizable pattern: Einstein, for example, or an image from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Elizabeth Finn

Elizabeth is a geneticist working for a shady government agency and therefore obliged to inform you that all of the views presented in her posts are her own, and not official statements in any capacity. In her free time, she is an aerialist, a dancer, a clothing designer, and an author. You can find her on tumblr at, on twitter at @lysine_rich, and also on facebook or google+.

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