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The Hyrax Book

Remember that hyrax post a while ago? This weekend I decided to take the images and make them into a board book. The method I used is similar to one I came up with when my son was little. I put together a counting book using photos of his toys.

So, I figured I'd try it again with the Hyrax thing…


You'll need illustration board (1/16" pressed cardboard), full sheet label paper, cardstock and, if you can get it, some glossy full-sheet label paper.


Print the images out on full sheet label paper. I scaled them to about 3.5"x5"


You'll need to cut pieces of illustration board to the size of each page. Number of boards = number of pages / 2 + 2. In this case, 6.

Cut Pages

Cut the printed pages down to size, leaving a strip of whitespace on the left of every odd numbered page.


Join 2 boards together using page 1.

Then add a third board to the back of the second, using page 3 to join them.

Then add page 2 to the left side of the fold. Continue doing this until all the pages are used up. Right side first to join the boards, then left side to cover the overlap.

Once you've got all of your boards joined, measure the thickness of your book. This will be the width of the spine.

Create a front and back cover, each with an extra strip the width of the spine. This is where the glossy label paper will come in handy if you can find it.

Take 2 strips of cardstock the width of the spine and put them side by side on the back cover. This will keep these parts from sticking to the book and make it easier to open.

Put the back cover on. The strips of cardstock work like a double hinge.

Put the front cover on, overlapping the two spine strips. 

And that's It!

Steve DeGroof

Steve consists of approximately 60% water and 40% organic molecules, arranged in a configuration that is, among over things, capable of describing itself in this manner.

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  1. Thanks! I’m pretty sure you can build just about anything out of sticker paper, illustration board and duct tape.

    By the way, any thoughts on what I should do with the book now that I’m done with it? It’s a limited edition! 🙂

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