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The Element of a Good Biscuit.

As a true Brit, I know my biscuits. Or I thought I did. I’m not quite sure what an urban biscuit is, but the internets once again have revealed my ignorance.

The wonderful Crispian Jago has been busy creating a random selection of 120 urban biscuit myths, legends, superstitions and popular misconceptions that hold equal validity to the more familiar myths on which they are based… all of which are plumbed into a lovely biscuit-myth periodic table. Makes my inner nerd oh so happy.

Click here then hover the mouse of each piece of delicious biscuity goodness to reveal the myth!



Iszi Lawrence is an English comedian and paid doodler. Iszi helps run skeptics in the pub Oxford and performs throughout Europe. Listen to her free weekly podcast She has up to ten toes at any one time.

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